Pasco man with machete threatens to kill driver at Circle K gas station; motive is unclear, police say

Pasco machete guy

PASCO, Wash. — Pasco police say 37-year-old Ricardo Sanchez was waiving around a machete and threatening to kill another driver in a possible road rage incident at a Circle K gas station last week, though the motive for the crime is unclear.

The alleged victim said he pulled into the gas station and Sanchez drove up behind him at Court Street and 26th Avenue on Thursday, Sept. 3, around 6 p.m.

He said Sanchez got out of his car, started screaming and swearing at him, then went to his trunk and pulled out a sheathed machete.

Police said he unsheathed the weapon and threatened to kill the alleged victim, who then got back into his car and called 911. The suspect drove away before officers arrived.

“The motive remains unclear. If it was road rage, the victim was unaware of the cause,” police said in a Facebook post.

Police determined the suspect’s vehicle was registered to a nearby a home and found his car parked there. They saw the machete on the front floorboard.

Officers called Sanchez out of the house and arrested him on suspicion of second-degree assault and harassment. He was booked at the Franklin County jail.