Pasco man works to bring dream to Tri-Cities, save community

Pasco man works to bring dream to Tri-Cities, save community

A Pasco man is pouring his heart and soul into a project that he hopes will save the community.

Jesse Campos may be the director of the Boys and Girls Club, a pastor at the River Church in Pasco and the leader of a group that goes out at night to feed and clothe the homeless, but to many he’s the hero that keeps giving.

Campos is working on bringing a Dream Center to the Tri-Cities.

The Tri-Cities Dream Center would become a hub of resources for the homeless, at risk kids, families or anyone in need of help.

“I’ve been homeless before, I’ve walked the streets at midnight, at 1:00 in the morning,” said Campos. “Those thoughts come in your mind, the suicidal thoughts, (you think) why am I living?” he said. “Where ever there is hurt, we will try to be there. Where ever there is a need to be filled, we will try to fill it.”

Campos got the idea from the Los Angeles Dream Center which has greatly impacted sex trafficking, hunger and poverty in Los Angeles County.

He already has a location in mind, but in order to make this dream a reality he needs your help.

Campos is hoping to recruit volunteers and raise at least $1,700 more to get the facility.

If you would like to donate or find out how you can help, click here.