Pasco motel prowlers fired gunshot and fled after repeat offense


PASCO, Wash. — An armed prowler who frequents remote motels in Pasco is at large after firing a gunshot at his victim and speeding off in an identifiable car on Sunday night.

According to a social media alert from the Pasco Police Department, the shot was fired at 10:45 p.m. on Sunday, November 7, 2021 on the 2600-block of N 4th. The suspect missed his target, who was left uninjured when the bullet struck the side of a nearby building.

The victim reported that he went from the Starlite Motel to a vacant motel next door to confront prowlers who were trespassing on the property. When the victim made contact with the prowlers, one of them fired a handgun at him before fleeing.

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This individual later revealed to police that the same two prowlers spent time trespassing at the vacant motel one night prior with the same car they used to escape.

PPD officers provided a detailed description of the escape vehicle, which is a”silver or goldish 4-door sedan similar to a Jetta with a loud exhaust, aftermarket headlights, and chrome rims.”

The suspects are described as young white males, presumably in their 20s, who are short and skinny. They wore gray hoodies and dark-colored pants.

Pasco police investigators recovered a single spent shell casing from the scene of the altercation. anyone with information to contribute to this investigation is urged to contact Pasco Police dispatch at (509) 628-033—don’t forget to cite Case No. 21-33684.


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