Pasco officer donates car seats to vehicle theft victims

Pasco officer donates car seats to vehicle theft victims

A family’s loss inspired one local police officer to make a generous donation.

Pasco police said the family’s silver 2001 Chevrolet Suburban was stolen from the 2100 block of North 18th Drive on Sunday afternoon. Inside it were their children’s two car seats.

The next day, Officer Travis Park decided to help. He used money from his own pocket to purchase two new car seats for the family as they wait for their SUV to turn up.

The vehicle still hasn’t been recovered as of Thursday afternoon.

When we reached out to Officer Park for comment, the Pasco Police Department’s public information officer said Park would rather not speak about it. He said the deed was only meant to help the family and not draw attention to the officer.

But his action hasn’t gone unnoticed. The Pasco Police Facebook post describing his good deed has received hundreds of reactions on social media.

Police are still trying to find the stolen vehicle, which has license plate #241YBZ. They ask anyone who knows where to find it to call police at 509-545-3421.