Pasco officer recovering after surgery for ruptured brain aneurysm

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Marissa Miller/GoFundMe

PASCO, Wash. –  A Pasco police officer had to be flown to a hospital for emergency surgery after suffering from a ruptured brain aneurysm this weekend, and community members are banding together to show support for him and his family.

According to Marissa Miller of Richland, the organizer of a GoFundMe intended to raise money for medical bills, on Saturday Officer Jeff Cobbs was experiencing a severe headache Saturday night and seemed disoriented.

Officer Cobbs’ parents took him to the Kadlec ER where a CT scan showed that he had an an aneurysm that had burst.

An emergency LifeFlight was ordered to fly Officer Cobbs to the Sacred Heart ICU in Spokane where he got surgery to clip the aneurysm.

Miller wrote that his surgery ‘went well’ and he was following the nurse’s commands the next morning.

“They next 10 days will be very crucial in his recovery! They planned on weaning him off of the sedation enough to extubate (remove the breathing tube) him over the next 2 days. BUT, Jeff caught the nurse with her back turned and pulled the tube out himself [Monday]. He is now is soft restraints and re sedated to let his brain heal and make sure he doesn’t pull out anymore lines or drains!!” Miller wrote.

While Officer Cobb takes steps towards recovery, community members have already raised upwards of $12,500 dollars to go towards his medical expenses.

“The Cobb family has given more to our community, and many other communities, for as many years as we can remember.  They serve selflessly and are the first to lend a helping hand,” Miller said, “It is our turn to help them. Jeff will be out of work for awhile and the hospital bills will be endless!”

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