Pasco patrol car goes viral for driving away from gas pump with nozzle still attached

Image credit: Pasco Police

PASCO, Wash. — After going viral for driving away from a gas pump with the nozzle still attached to their car, the Pasco Police Department joined in the fun by owning up to the mistake and laughing it off along with the community.

A post went viral in the public Tri-Cities Bad Driver Shaming Facebook page with 19,400 members that showed an image of a Pasco P.D. patrol car with a gar nozzle still attached. As of Tuesday morning, the post has more than 2,000 reactions and 770 shares in the group.

On Monday, the Pasco Police owned up to the instance on Facebook. They say that this was a supervisor patrol car that left from one of the PPD’s contract gas stations. This was their description of what happened:

Turns out, our patrol sergeant took the opportunity while gassing up to start cleaning off his windshield with the gas pump squeegee. A call came out. It sounded pretty important. He thought he should go. He hung up the squeegee, hopped in his car, and headed that way. #thrownoffyourroutine

Yeah, he got teased when he arrived. He had no idea. He returned the gas handle. They are designed to be quick-disconnect now for safety reasons, so no harm done in the long term. Except to his pride. The photo is from Tri-Cities Bad Driver Shaming, which seems appropriate. #reallyappropriate

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They went on to use this as a teachable moment. PPD says that a cop would stop someone for driving off with a gas nozzle attached to their car for inattention in the same way they might pull someone over for not having their lights on at night. It shows them that the driver was distracted or even potentially impaired. They also stop people who leave their purses on the roof of their car or those who leave gas caps on their trunk lids.

If this caused actual damage, the PPD would be civilly liable for the cost of repair. The City of Pasco has insurance that covers inadvertent damage by city employees.

Needless to say, that officer is probably going to be a lot more careful the next time they gas up.


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