Pasco PD arrests four felony suspects at local motel

PASCO, Wash. — The Pasco Police Department announced via Facebook that four suspects were arrested in two overlapping cases over the weekend.

Around 4:00 a.m. PST on Saturday morning, Officer Andrews arrived at the Sage & Sun Motel at 1232 S 10th Ave to respond to an alleged robbery. The victim of that crime offered a detailed report on the two men who threatened her with a knife before stealing personal belongings such as an iPhone, laptop and a Rebook bag.

Meanwhile, officers were dispatched to the Loyalty Inn at 1801 W Lewis St in Pasco. It was alleged that a physical altercation broke out in one of the rooms.

When officers arrived, suspect Austin Howard Rogers was seen from the hallway along with several objects including drug paraphernalia and a sawed-off shotgun hidden in a cloth. It was also alleged that a handgun was seen on the floor of the room as well.

Suspect Sulema Vasquez was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm while Rogers was arrested for possessing the sawed-off shotgun. Authorities say the tandem complied with officers and were arrested without incident.

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At the time time, Officer Andrews was investigating the original issue, which led him to the surrounding area of the Loyalty Inn. According to Pasco PD, Matthew Gordon Lohstreter and Nicholas Polley were located, identified and arrested.

The authorities say that weapons were taken as evidence, but the original victim’s possessions have yet to be located.

Lohstreter and Polley were booked into the Franklin County Jail on investigative holds for Robbery to the first degree. Additionally, Polley was booked for possession of meth.

Rogers and Vasquez were also reportedly booked into the Franklin County Jail on investigative holds due to the Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. Pasco PD says additional drug charges may follow in this case.

The authorities ask that anyone with information regarding either of these cases calls dispatch at (509)628-0333. The robbery is marked by Case No. 21-01482 while the firearms incident is marked by Case No. 21-01483.

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