Pasco Police: Armed suspect arrested for threats at a family gathering

Image Credit: Pasco Police, Facebook

PASCO, Wash. — Officers with the Pasco Police Department (PPD) arrested a suspect who allegedly threatened another man by pointing his gun at him during an altercation at a family gathering.

A 33-year-old suspect, who has since been identified as a Sunnyside resident named Noe Rivera, was arrested around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, February 14, 2021. Authorities were called to the 600-block of W Shoshone St in Pasco for what was originally reported as a group disturbance at a family gathering. When Pasco police officers arrived on the scene, they learned that the situation was much more intense than originally suspected.

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Eyewitnesses on the scene alleged that the suspect, Rivera, threatened another man by pointing a 9mm semi-automatic pistol in his direction. They also claimed that Rivera verbally threatened the victim, claiming that he would kill him. However, the Pasco Police have not released any information about what caused this dispute.

Rivera was grabbed by disarmed by other people on location, causing his gun to fall into the snow. After surveying the area, officers recovered the pistol and discovered a bullet loaded in the chamber despite the magazine being detached. They searched the surrounding area once more and recovered the loaded magazine as well.

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The weapon, which was previously reported stolen by the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office in 2018, was taken by local authorities as evidence.

Rivera was booked into the Franklin County Jail on an investigative hold for multiple charges including assault to the first degree, possession of a stolen firearm and felony threats.

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