Pasco police arrest suspect across the street from City Hall

Male suspect Jose Antonio Sanchez was arrested on Wednesday, February 10 for possession of a stolen vehicle in Pasco, Washington.

PASCO, Wash. — Some arrests just so happen to be easier than others as one Pasco police officer found out early on Wednesday morning.

According to a post to the Pasco Police Department’s Facebook page, a suspect was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle across the street from City Hall at the 400-block of W Sylvester St. Anyone familiar with the area would know that the Pasco Police Department is based at 215 W Sylvester St, which is approximately one block from the scene of this arrest.

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Around 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 10, Pasco PD Officer David Dillsworth was driving near police headquarters when he noticed a vehicle parked in the roadway. When he approached the vehicle, a white Nissan Versa, a male suspect ran off of the sidewalk and into the car to repark along the curb.

Officer Dillsworth wasn’t satisfied with this adjustment and decided to run the license plate number through the police database. By the time that he was notified that the vehicle had been reported stolen, the male suspect had already gone back inside a nearby residence.

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Once it was confirmed that the vehicle was stolen, Officer Dillsworth called for backup. Other Pasco police officers arrived at the scene promptly and surrounded the residence. When a woman who lived in the home emerged, she told the local authorities that a man she did not know was inside of the building.

Pasco police officers swiftly identified the suspect as 33-year-old Jose Antonio Sanchez. The stolen car keys were promptly found inside of his pocket and Sanchez was booked into Franklin County Jail on an investigative hold.

The moral of the story is that you probably shouldn’t hang around the police station if you’re driving a stolen car.

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