Pasco police chief issues statement on Floyd’s killing

Pasco Police Chief Ken Roske

PASCO, Wash. — Pasco Police Chief Ken Roske released a statement Tuesday in response to the killing of George Floyd by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Four Minneapolis police officers, including Chauvin, were fired in response to the incident. Chauvin now faces murder and manslaughter charges.

Roske’s statement reads as follows:

“As I did many years ago, all police officers take an oath to protect their community. The death of Mr. Floyd is of course tragic. As a professional law enforcement officer, I am deeply concerned by what I saw in the video and the actions of the police officers captured in the video. The actions of the police officers involved are not consistent with the training, policies, values, and high standards of the Pasco Police Department. While I am disturbed by what I have seen, I am also encouraged that justice is taking a swift course, and I believe that everyone should be afforded due process of law.”

“The Pasco Police Department has taken great strides to include our community as we improve our policies and training to ensure a culture of dignity and respect. We believe in engaging with our community to ensure transparency and strengthen their confidence. The actions of officers we have seen in the video do not remotely define the vast majority of police officers serving in communities around the country, and certainly not those of the Pasco Police Department.”