Pasco Police Department adds de-escalation tool

PASCO, Wash. — The Pasco Police Department added a tool to improve their tactics for de-escalating situations.

On Thursday, the Pasco Police Department made the announcement that they added three new pepper ball guns to their de-escalation toolbox.

The colorful yellow parts clearly identify Pasco PD’s new Pepperball guns for what they are, a way to dispense pepper spray’s active ingredient as a dry powder fired from a distance in paintball-style capsules.

Sergeant Rodrigo Pruneda told KAPP-KVEW that the Pasco Police Department wants to be on the cutting edge of technology.

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“We want to have the best tools to protect our officers, our community members, and the people that aren’t complying,” said Sgt. Pruneda.

Everyone in the Pasco Police Department will spend time training with the pepper ball guns over the next two weeks.

“These tools allow us to take our time and think about what we have in front of us,” said Sgt. Pruneda.

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Sergeant Pruneda told KAPP-KVEW that the pepper ball system is uncomfortable for the suspect after it’s deployed.

“It’s a low level of force that will get them to comply once it’s used,” said Sgt. Pruneda.