Guns stolen out of Franklin County recovered along with drugs during Pasco assault investigation


PASCO, Wash. — Firearms that were previously reported stolen out of Franklin County were recovered as part of a layered seizure that began with an assault investigation in the Tri-Cities on Thursday evening.

It all began around 7:30 p.m. on April 28 when a 37-year-old suspect later identified as Phonesavanh Phothisene “Fonsi” allegedly pointed a rifle at the victim and left before Pasco police officers could arrive.

Authorities learned through their investigation that “Fonsi” was upset because he learned that a car he recently bought actually belonged to the victim and has been stolen. The victim has recently recovered their stolen vehicle, leaving the suspect without a car he purchased.

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Pasco police officers tracked the suspect to a residence on the 900-block of Lincoln Dr, where he was arrested with help from the Tri-City Regional SWAT Team.

After the arrest, 15 more people left the residence where “Fonsi” was located. While walking outside, two of the individuals suffers from overdoses.

According to the Pasco Police Department, the overdose victims were aided by medics at the scene, who told law enforcement they believed these individuals ingested narcotics before leaving the home. Those two people were rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

Meanwhile, a search warrant was executed at the residence where a wide variety of drugs, ammunition, body armor and firearms were recovered. Four of those firearms had previously been reported missing, according to the Pasco Police Department.

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Later on, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that these stolen firearms were collected in connection with a prior case out of the county that occurred earlier in the month.

Pasco Police located the suspect near the 900 block of Lincoln Drive where they arrested him with the help of on-duty SWAT Team Members.

In a Facebook post, PPD wrote that 15 people came out of the home as they were arresting Fonsi and two of them overdosed. Police believe they ingested narcotics before leaving the home and medics took the two adults to be treated at the hospital.

According to police, a search warrant was executed on the home and they recovered fentanyl, eight firearms, four of which were stolen, ammunition and body armor.


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