Pasco police issue 857 tickets in one month thanks to red light cameras

PASCO, Wash. – On Aug. 19, Pasco police started using cameras to ticket red light runners at two busy intersections. Exactly one month to the day, police said they have issued 857 tickets — $125 per violation.

That totals more than $100,000 in fees. Funds will go toward traffic safety projects and the red like camera program itself, according to the City of Pasco.

The cameras were installed in April at the intersections of Burden Boulevard & Road 68 and Court Street & 20th Avenue. The intersections were chosen to increase safety because of the high volume of crashes at each of them.

Capt. Jeff Harpster said nearly half of the red light tickets were sent to drivers who ran a red light while traveling southbound on Road 68.

The cameras automatically notify police after capturing an image of a driver running a red light. That image is sent to the Pasco Police Department, where an officer verifies that a violation was in fact committed.

If the officer determines there is no violation, the image is deleted.