Pasco police officer accused of rape

Pasco police officer accused of rape

A Pasco police officer is on administrative leave due to accusations that he raped his stepdaughter and invaded her privacy over the course of five years.

Anthony James Haworth, 38, was charged in Franklin County Superior Court on Tuesday. He denies the alleged sex crimes, claiming they are a result of a divorce between him and the victim’s mother. He was apparently getting ready to sell the family home for a profit which led to a dispute.

According to court documents obtained by KAPP-KVEW:

Haworth’s stepdaughter, now 22, said he started touching her sexually when she was 14 and continued until she was 19 – often during his days off the job as a police officer.

She recalled finding a hole in her bedroom wall at age 15 and covering it with a poster before taking a shower. Her stepfather told her to move the poster so he could remember to fix the hole. The victim later figured out the hole allowed someone to see inside her bedroom from the attic.

The hole was discovered while serving a search warrant at Haworth’s Pasco home.

At age 17, she said her mother left town for a wedding. In her absence, Haworth provided alcohol and she became intoxicated. The victim woke up to “a scratchy feeling between her legs” and found the accused performing oral sex on her. They later showered together and proceeded to have intercourse. She remembers him taking photos of her that night.

The girl said she did not want to have sex with Haworth, but did so because she felt drunk.

Further investigation found Haworth had nude photos of his stepdaughter both on his iPhone and backed up in iTunes on his computer desktop. The ones on his phone were found in backed up text messages sent from the teen. The victim appeared to be 18 at the time they were taken.

The victim said she sent the nude photos to her boyfriend at the time, but she deleted them after they sent. Haworth said he had no idea how the photos got on his phone.

She also said Haworth tried to kiss and touch her 19-year-old friend while he was drunk, which the friend confirmed. He was not charged for this allegation.

Haworth refused to take a polygraph test in order to clear up the investigation.

Haworth is charged with third-degree rape of a child, indecent liberties, first-degree incest and voyeurism.

He’s scheduled to appear in court on June 6 to enter his plea.

An email sent to the police department by Chief Bob Metzger said Haworth was on leave because of four felony charges but did not say what those charges were. He also ordered officers not to discuss the matter without his approval. Otherwise they would be subjected to discipline or dismissal.