Pasco police release video of May shootout with murder suspects

Pasco PD: Officer body-cam footage shows Montalvo cousins shooting at officers
Pasco Pd Ois
Screenshot from Pasco Police Department's description of a May 17, 2020 officer-involved shooting.

The Pasco Police Department on Monday released body-cam footage from the officer-involved shooting of murder suspects Juan and Miguel Montalvo.


Juan Montalvo died in the May 17, 2020 shooting. He was 25 years old. His cousin Miguel, 21, was also shot by officers. No officers were hurt.

The shooting happened as officers investigated a murder: Luis Contreras was shot and killed April 29 on East Lewis Street and North Douglas Avenue. Cousins Juan and Miguel Montavo were two of the three suspects in Contreras’ murder.

In the video news release, Sgt. Rigo Pruneda explains the lead-up to the May 17 shooting: police received information that suspected murderers Juan Manuel “Scars” Montalvo and Miguel Angel “Terco” Montalvo were at a home on N. 12th. Hours beforehand, they had gone back to East Lewis Street and North Douglas Avenue, where Contreras was killed two weeks earlier. They broke into the home and started shooting, seriously injuring two people, Sgt. Pruneda said.

“While escaping the scene, the Montalvos stole a car at gunpoint and kidnapped the car owner, locking him in the trunk of the car. The victim was able to escape from the trunk, run off, and report the incident to police,” said Sgt. Pruneda.

Pasco PD says detectives went to the home on N. 12th on the afternoon of May 17. They set up surveillance, called for backup, and began to set up a perimeter, hoping to arrest the Montalvos. The cousins saw what was happening and tried to leave through the back alley.

“Both Det. (Joshua) Glass and Officer (Eric) Fox saw that the subjects were each armed with a handgun and ordered them to put up their hands,” Sgt. Pruneda explains. “They refused to comply with the officers’ directions. The subjects then fired their weapons at the officers. Both officers returned gunfire and struck each of the subjects.  One subject was mortally wounded and the other seriously wounded.”

The video released by police begins with Chief Ken Roske describing the investigation into the officer-involved shooting.

“The Tri-Cities Special Investigation Unit, or SIU, took control of this incident just after it occurred,” the chief says. “SIU is an independent team of skilled investigators who will report their findings to the criminal investigation to the Franklin County prosecutor.”

SIU has not yet completed its investigation, Chief Hoske says, and his police department “will also conduct an internal, administrative investigation — separate and independent of SIU — that will examine our policies and procedures related to this case.”

This is a developing story.


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