Pasco Police warns of fake “Get Rich Quick Scheme”

Pasco Police warns of fake “Get Rich Quick Scheme”

The Pasco Police Deparment is warning people of a new “Get Rich Quick Scheme.”

The scheme is sent to residents as a letter from a man called Jim Samson from Winter Garden, Florida. The letter claims Samson is the owner of a business called “The Midas Legacy.” Through the business, people sign up for ten lessons to earn the codes which will transfer money to your bank account. The business claims to give people codes to “Legally snatch money for elitists’ bank accounts.” In order to receive the lessons, the person signs up with a credit card and are charged $29.95 each month for each lesson.

Pasco Police warns that this “plan” is fake and you will not receive any codes giving you money. They warn people to do their research before becoming involved in any sort of “Get Rich Quick Scheme.”

If you have any questions regarding a questionable offer, Pasco Police says to call them directly.