Pasco popsicle shop keeps customers cool with homemade treats

PASCO, Wash. — As triple digits takeover the Tri-Cities, a Pasco popsicle shop, also known as a paletería, is keeping customers cool.

“We started here in 1993, we make everything here,” Owner of La Jalpita, Jesus Romero said.

On Thursday afternoon, Romero stepped into a massive freezer to fulfill a huge order: 180 popsicles.

Nearly 30 years in the making, La Jalpita has become a Pasco staple.

“It’s good, a lot of people know me and they come out and buy a lot of my products — it’s a very popular place,” Romero explained.

While there’s ice cream, mangonadas and various sweet treats, Romero is most known for his popsicles.

“In total we have 25 flavors — all natural fruit flavors.”

Romero’s workday starts at 5 AM, when he begins churning out 5,000 of the sweet treats, in hopes his equipment, mainly the compressor on his roof, can keep up in the heat.

“Everything is made here,” he reiterated.

There are classic flavors like mango or strawberry but if you’re feeling adventurous, La Jalpita also offers flavors like pecan, pistachio, cucumber or eggnog.

Now, about that 180-popsicle order.

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“It’s been around a long time, it’s a classic.”

It’s going to Marisol Watkins, who owns Silver Beach Resort in Naches, with her husband.

Every couple of weeks, she returns to Pasco to load up on Jesus’s famous treats.

“They sell really well up there because it’s summertime people are camping enjoying the lake,” she said.

For Marisol, who grew up in the Tri-Cities, La Jalpita reminds her of childhood memories and the rich culture throughout Pasco.

“They’re just really authentic, like it’s homemade here and I think that’s what a lot of the community likes; that Spanish culture that it’s still around and Tri-Cities in general is a great place that supports small businesses,” she said.

Marisol said the popsicles won’t last long at their resort’s general store and soon, she’ll be back to stock up.

“They’re well known even in other areas outside here a lot of people I don’t think know that they make them here,” she said.

It’s hard work keeping a small business afloat, but Jesus’s tasty and cold treats keep people coming back, everyday. He shared his gratitude for the community who’s supported him all these years.

La Jalpita is located at 202 West Lewis Street in Pasco.