Pasco car prowler cited & released after getting caught, fighting neighbors

Image credit: Pasco Police, Facebook

PASCO, Wash. — A scrum broke out at a local residence after a neighbor was caught rummaging through a vehicle that didn’t belong to him around 1 a.m. last Friday. While the suspect was apprehended, they were released shortly after because space in the Franklin County Jail is currently limited.

According to the Pasco Police, who posted about this incident on their social media, officers were dispatched to the 5900-block of Thistledown Drive after midnight on September 3.

When they arrived, officers observed a 30-year-old Pasco resident being detained by other men at the scene. One community member reported seeing the suspect in their neighbor’s car.

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Authorities say that neighbor chased the suspect down the street, calling for help in the process. Another community member stepped up to the suspect and confronted them, leading to a brief physical altercation.

PPD officers observed that one of the neighbor’s shirts was torn while the suspect had a bloody scuff on his arm. They established probable cause for several misdemeanor counts of vehicle prowling and possession of stolen property.

However, the Franklin County Jail asked police to cite misdemeanor cases and let people go as the jail had limited space available due to temporary circumstances which have not been formally announced. Therefore, the suspect was dropped off in front of the emergency room, which he did not enter as PPD officers observed the suspect walking off in another direction.


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