Pasco resident faces insurance fraud claims in Idaho after tragedy strikes

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BOISE, Id. — A Pasco man appeared before an Idaho judge on March 30, 2021, to face charges of insurance fraud.

According to a release issued by the Idaho Department of Insurance, Benjamin C. Beckett, who lived in Pasco at the time, learned that his father was brutally attacked. The injuries he sustained rendered him disabled and unable to care for himself. Beckett moved back to Latah County, Idaho to take care of his stepfather in his time of need.

Officials claim that the stepfather had a long-term care insurance policy from Northwestern Mutual at the time of his attack. Financial assistance for family members providing care was not covered by this policy. When Beckett learned this, he reportedly created a company that would serve as the care provider for his stepfather. In order to obtain reimbursement, Beckett allegedly filed claims on behalf of his company under false names.

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Northwestern Mutual grew suspicious and opened an investigation into the case. They called upon the Investigations Division of the Department of Insurance (DOI) to assist.

Eventually, Beckett admitted to using false names to have over $24,000 in claims reimbursed by the insurance company. Instead of aiming for the full amount, Northwestern Mutual settled at $17,000. Following the settlement, Director Dean Cameron of the Idaho Department of Insurance offered the following statement:

“What happened to Mr. Beckett’s stepfather is grievous. Unfortunately, insurance fraud is never a victimless crime as it causes all Idahoans to suffer, paying higher insurance premiums,” said Director Dean Cameron. “I’m thankful for the hard work of our Investigations Division in this case.”

A Latah County judge placed Beckett on supervised probation for two years using an interstate compact made in conjunction with the Washington State Probation and Parole.


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