Pasco teenager arrested after spray-painting anti-police graffiti on PPD station


PASCO, Wash. — Police briefly chased and arrested a 15-year-old boy who allegedly ran from fresh anti-police graffiti and trespassed in a local residence while evading arrest.

According to a Facebook post by the Pasco Police, officers were informed of fresh graffiti at the Alderwood Police Station around 8:22 a.m. on Thursday morning. PPD officers searched the area for a male suspect who was described as running from the scene of the graffiti near the BFT Transfer Station on 22nd Ave.

The suspect was described as wearing a red hoodie with distinctive hair similar to “Sideshow Bob,” a popular character from ‘The Simpsons.’ He was said to be carrying a can of spraypaint and sprinting off into the distance, hopping over fences in the process. His graffiti had some choice words about police, which PPD officers covered in the following image:

Pasco Police

Image credit: Pasco Police, Facebook

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Pasco police officers located the 15-year-old male suspect after he entered a residence without permission to avoid a confrontation with the cops. They claim to have found him in a yard off an alley near N 20th Ave and W Park St. after locating the hoodie and spray paint cans as evidence.

Authorities booked him into the Benton-Franklin Juvenile Detention Center after submitting charges for burglary, malicious mischief, and trespassing. The PPD will not release the name of the young man or images of the full graffiti so they don’t offend community members or reveal the identity of the suspect.


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