Pasco teen shares excitement over vaccine eligibility

PASCO, Wash. – Now that the FDA has given the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine Emergency Use Authorization for individuals 12-15 years old, a Pasco teen has shared why she’s willing to get vaccinated.

“I was already excited and I guess it just kind of increased my excitement because it meant I was now in fact going to be getting vaccinated,” Aislin said.

Fourteen-year-old Aislin Maloney, from Pasco, said they past year, she’s been fairly isolated from her friends and extended family as the pandemic went on.

She knew early on that she trusted the science behind the Pfizer vaccine but wasn’t eligible to get it, until now. She told KAPP KVEW her reasoning for wanting to get vaccinated.

“So that I can go to dance without a mask on and I can perform on stage for people. I’m also really excited to go visit my friends and so I’m super excited to go see them again once we’re all vaccinated. It will also mean that you can safely go out in public and you can safely hang out with people again and not have to put your families, and other peoples’ families at risk ” the eighth grader who dances for Mid Columbia Ballet said.

Maloney has spoken to her parents about getting the vaccine, and they’ve also talked to medical professionals about younger teens getting the vaccine. Both Aislin and her mom, Emily, encourage anyone who’s on the fence or hesitant about getting vaccinated to speak with their doctor.

“I feel really comfortable with the Pfizer in particular; there’s nothing it’s going to do to your child other than build a protein that then primes their immune system. As far as vaccines ago, about as safe as they can be and we were completely comfortable getting it ourselves and giving it to our children,” Emily, a professional chemist, said.

Their next hope, is that eligibility expands to younger children so her sister can also get vaccinated.

Both women said getting vaccinated has allowed them to return to a sense of normalcy, and see loved ones.

“To get hugs from grandma and grandpa for the first time after a year was a really big deal,” Emily said.

We expect to learn more about the distribution of the Pfizer vaccine for teens 12-15, in Washington from the Department of Health on Wednesday morning.

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