Pasco third-graders learn fire evacuation plans

Dozens of third-graders spent Tuesday morning learning how to safely get out of a home. The EDITH house (Exit Drills in the Home), was brought to Robinson Elementary School.

The mobile house is designed to simulate a home filling up with smoke and alarms going off. Kids split up into two groups. Pasco firefighter Ben Shearer taught one group about crouching down below the smoke if a fire starts.

“Stay calm and get down on your legs and also check the door if it’s warm with the back of your hand,” said one third-grade student.

In another part of the home, students escaped out of a window once they realized the smoke was coming into the room and the door was hot.

“What I just did, we just discovered fire safety, and we did some drills and stuff, and it was really fun,” another student said.

After getting out of the home, students went to a meeting place and made sure everyone got out safely. Shearer will be going to all the elementary schools to teach the third-grade students about a fire evacuation plan.

He hopes they’ll go home and make one of their own.