Pasco trio starts wine subscription box for Tri-Cities

PASCO, Wash. – What happens when you put together a historian, a chemist / full time mom and a Pasco city councilman? You get the plan for a wine bar in Pasco.

“We were about ready to break ground, like literally days and the governor shut down all construction,” Councilman Craig Maloney recalled.

“We got a little side tracked with the pandemic so we pivoted to plan B, so yeah, we’re really excited for this venture,” Damien Davis added.

This group’s plan B?

CD Wine Ventures, the first, local wine subscription box where you can chose to be a part of the Craig, Damien or Silent E Club.

Each subscription gets you four, hand-picked bottles every month.

CEO of CD Wine Ventures Craig Maloney said they had to change plans when they weren’t able to open their wine bar and they focus on lesser known vineyards throughout the Pacific Northwest and the world.

“We wanna be able to give people a taste of what’s in their backyard,” Maloney said.

“The small vineyards have really been an amazing learning experience; who knew Zillah had quite a few wines? I found that out not quite long ago,” Damien, their Sommelier added.

This trio, made up of Craig, Damien, the Executive Director for the Franklin County Historical Society and Emily Maloney, a chemist turned stay-at-home mom, wants the wine experience to be simple not snobby.

“So it’s not this secret club, or this secret knock that you have to do,” Damien explained.

“That’s approachable, fun, lighthearted and really speaks to people directly, instead of some of the trappings of the typical wine industry,” Craig added.

The group also wants to support vineyards who have struggled through the pandemic.

“We wanna bring lesser known wines, little isosteric wines but also small distributors, small winemakers; people that make less than 1000 cases, that’s amazing,” Damien said.

“When you have a small winery that’s just making you know, 1000 cases, they’re not going to be able to compete with the big boys, and be able to get their product on the shelf in the supermarket,” Craig added.

Emily said they still have plans to open a brick and mortar location in Pasco.

“We want to stop the wine shame, so we just want people comfortable coming in like you’re going up to one of your buddies saying, ‘hey what are you drinking right now? What’s tasting good to you?'” she said.

But for now, they’re focused on introducing worldly tastes to Tri-Cities residents.

“Getting people to break out of their comfort zone, and out of their barriers has been a blast,” Damien said.

Each box costs anywhere from $80 to $120 and includes four bottles. You can also swap out bottles each month if you see one in someone else’s box that looks good.

“You can change those out and then also we make sure that we always have a variety of reds and whites and we will always have a sparkling and a sweet red wine,” Emily explained.

In the future, CD Wine Ventures hopes to have guest boxes or special pairings.


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