PD: Man arrested on 13 warrants at Pasco Walmart; girlfriend had meth in her bra

PD: Man arrested on 13 warrants at Pasco Walmart; girlfriend had meth in her bra

PASCO, Wash — Police spotted a man acting suspiciously at the Pasco Walmart on Monday morning. They looked up the plates on his car and found out he had 13 warrants for his arrest.

On top of that, his girlfriend had several baggies of suspected methamphetmaine stuffed in her bra, police said.

Ofc. Jeremy Jones was driving past the Walmart on Road 68 at about 9:20 a.m. when he saw Kasey Allen Pier, 29, and Alexia Rose Pierr, 21, standing next to a 1993 Subaru Imreza that had been spray-painted green.

“They seemed unusually worried by [the officer’s] presence,” police wrote in a Facebook post.

Police had a dispatcher look up the car and learned that the owner had 13 nationwide-extradition arrest warrants, including one warrant for a crime that involved a sawed-off shotgun.

Kasey was identified by his distinctive tattoos and Ofc. Jones called for backup. When more officers arrived, they questioned Kasey, who allegedly lied about his name twice.

Meanwhile, Alexia was “continually squirming around” and “reaching under her clothing” as she sat in the car. Officers got her out of the car, and saw baggies of white crystalline powder in her cleavage area.

“The baggies fell out with a light shaking of the clothing,” police said.

Kasey was arrested for his warrants and providing false information. Alexia was arrested on suspicion of possession of meth.

The couple is from the town of Charlo, Mont., which police say has a population of less than 500.