$1,000 reward for information leading to arrest of Walla Walla bird killer

Peacock pioneer park

UPDATE: A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for killing about a dozen birds at the Pioneer Park Aviary.

The reward money was raised through donations from members of “Friends of the Pioneer Park Aviary.”

WALLA WALLA, Wash. — An intruder recently killed about a dozen birds, including peacocks and swans, at the Pioneer Park Aviary in Walla Walla, a city park official said.

Parks and Recreation Director Andy Coleman said the birds were killed in two separate break-ins, one on the night of May 19 and the other on the night of May 31.

Someone apparently climbed a chain-link fence that surrounds the aviary and cut a net meant to keep birds in and people out, said Coleman. He was unable to say how the birds were killed.

City officials are working with the Walla Walla Police Department to identify potential suspects. Anyone with information is asked to call 509-527-1960.

People who live in the neighborhood who have a home surveillance system are asked to review their recordings for possible evidence.

Coleman said the aviary is a beloved place for many community members, and he understands this is traumatic news for them. He said Parks and Recreation employees will be trying to come up with a way to prevent similar a similar crime from happening again.