Pendleton bird sanctuary pen destroyed by snow

PENDLETON, Ore. – Blue Mountain Wildlife in Pendleton is in need of some help after one of its large green houses collapsed from carrying too much snow.

Last week, the bird sanctuary was hit hard with over a foot of snow.

The weight of the snow was too much to handle for the scavenger bird pen, causing the roof of the pen to collapse.

Owner and Operator of the sanctuary, Lynn Tompkins, says the crew was surprised to see the destruction on Monday morning.

“This is the first time ever we lost a pen because of the snow, I’m hoping it will be less than ten thousand total, cause we need to replace the lumber,” said Tompkins.

Fortunately no birds were hurt, but the pen will have to be completely rebuilt before it can be used again.

To raise funds for the project, a drive through bird feed giveaway is being planned for March.

If you would like to help Blue Mountain Wildlife you can do so by visiting their website.