Pendleton detainee escapes after cutting ankle monitor

Photo Credit: Walla Walla Police Department
Richard Anthony Smith, otherwise known as Anthony Ables, cut his ankle monitor while out of police custody.

PENDLETON, Oreg. — A man being held for sex crimes allegedly escaped police by cutting his ankle monitor and fleeing while visiting a dying family member.

According to the Walla Walla Police Department, Richard Anthony Smith was being held in Pendleton for a sex crime. Smith also has two pending charges against him: One for possession of a stolen vehicle and another for possession of stolen property.

Smith, who also goes by the alias ‘Anthony Ables,’ was allowed to leave jail due to a family emergency. According to Walla Walla prosecutors, Smith’s family reached out about a family member nearing the end of their life. The suspect was granted permission to be released for 24 hours to say goodbye to the unidentified family member.

That decision proved to be detrimental as local authorities were notified that Smith’s ankle monitor was cut shortly after his release, putting him back on the streets once again. At this point, authorities in Walla Walla and Pendleton ask that anyone with information about Smith’s whereabouts contact their local police to disclose this information.

The following locations were released as places where Smith is known to have roots/spend time: Walla Walla, Milton Freewater, Weston-Athena and Pendleton.

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