Pendleton student brings airsoft guns onto bus

Pendleton School District Superintendent Resigns

PENDLETON – A Sunridge Middle School student brought two airsoft guns onto a school bus yesterday to transport them to a family member’s home. At least one other student on the bus saw the guns in the student’s possession – but did not know at the time they were airsoft guns – and reported what he saw to the bus driver after the middle school student got off the bus at his regular stop in front of Lincoln Primary.

The bus driver followed Mid Columbia Bus Company’s emergency plan by stopping the bus and reporting the incident to MidCo officials, who then promptly contacted police. Pendleton Police officers took statements from several students on that bus and identified the middle school student, who had by that time already left in a vehicle with a family member who was picking him up from the bus stop.

Ultimately, the police investigation determined the guns were two airsoft guns, which are against Pendleton School District policy to have in school or on a school bus.

No one was harmed in the incident.