Pennsylvania governor calls for legalized recreational marijuana

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is calling on the General Assembly to seriously debate marijuana after he said, he supports recreational use of the drug in the state.

“I’m calling for legalization,” said the Governor.

Wolf also called for two more actions:

Asking the legislature to get a bill to the governor’s desk that decriminalizes non-violent and small cannabis-related offenses.

Seeking a path to restorative justice through the expungement of past convictions of non-violent and small cannabis-related crimes.

“If you’ve been burdened, if you’ve been harmed by this type of conviction in your past, Pennsylvania believes in a second chance,” said Lt. Governor, John Fetterman.

The Governor and Lt. Governor pointed to the results of a statewide report issued after listening sessions were held throughout 67-counties.

“The Lt. Gov. made good on his promise to visit all 67 counties to hear from Pennsylvanians about whether or not they support the legalization of adult-use recreational marijuana in the state,” Wolf said. “And among the many who voiced their opinions, the majority supported legalization.”

“If you are opposed to the recreational use, adult use of cannabis, that is a minority view now in Pennsylvania,” Fetterman added.

Key takeaways from Fetterman’s tour are included in the report, which is available here.

The report is composed of two sections. The first section examines the volumes of correspondence received through an online form hosted on the governor’s website, remarks made, and comment cards received at tour stops, and all other comments received by the lieutenant governor’s office in various formats.

It includes a county-by-county breakdown of support and opposition, including the most common arguments received for and against legalization during the tour.

The second section highlights positive and negative results of legalization among individual states where recreational marijuana has been legalized.

Fetterman said he appreciates the comments from thousands of Pennsylvanians he met during the tour, and those who forwarded their comments through the online form and via other means.

“We’ve heard you, and this announcement today is our earnest effort to bring about the changes you’ve told us you want,” Fetterman said.