Phase 1 for the Playground of Dreams complete, partially open for children

Phase 1 for the Playground of Dreams complete, partially open for children

A portion of the Playground of Dreams is open for kids after the completion of Phase 1.

It closed down in September to be replaced with a modern and safer playground. Designs for the new one will feature a hydroplane, the cable bridge, a lighthouse and much more. Many of the iconic landmarks were unveiled Wednesday.

“It’s exciting to be here and recognize the community’s commitment to this Tri-Cities landmark and with envision, participation and support that ensures the legacy of the Playground of Dreams and that it continues for future generations,” said Don Britain, Kennewick Mayor.

The total cost of the project is $1 million. Before the ribbon cutting ceremony, the Tri-City Water Follies donated $75,000 for the rebuild. The city is trying to raise $482,000 to help with Phase 2.

Included in Phase 1 was the addition of ADA compliant ramps.

“There’s a lot of components connected by ramps and this second phase is when we have completed will be a harder surface so that folks like that can get around,” said Ken Hahn, Kennewick Parks and Commission Chair.

To help raise the rest of the funds, a fundraising campaign was started to help build the remainder of the 1,600 square foot replacement structure.

If you would like to help, click here.

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