VIEWER PHOTOS: Richland wildfires extend into third day

RICHLAND, Wash. — After wildfires spreading from the surrounding area of the Yakima River Delta seemed to be under control, heavy smoke began to arise from the Columbia Point area of Richland on Thursday afternoon. Local fire crews and emergency first responders sprung into action to contain the spreading fire threat.

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Richland Fire & Emergency Services told KAPP-KVEW that fire crews will likely be monitoring the Columbia Point fire in Richland throughout the week.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Columbia Point fire burns on the heels of Yakima River Delta fire

The Columbia Point fire started around 4 p.m. on Thursday, and comes right on the heels of the Yakima River Delta fire that sparked on Wednesday.

These two fires produced massive amounts of smoke that could be seen throughout the Tri-Cities. As of Thursday morning, local officials confirmed that at least 85 acres of land were damaged as a result of the fires.

Local officials also said that the new fire was likely caused by warm weather conditions and increasing winds in the area on Thursday afternoon.

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Local authorities ask that commuters try to avoid the area of I-182 and State Route (SR) 240 near the Yakima River Delta. They also advise that the public steer clear of the Columbia Point Marina. Boaters are being encouraged to avoid the area of Bateman Island as fire may spread to nearby vegetation.

Pedestrian walking lanes and bike paths in the surrounding area of the Yakima River Delta are still closed off to the public. The Columbia Path Trail is closed through the Lee-Volpentest Bridges on I-182

Crews have been monitoring designated hot spots since the fires began on Wednesday afternoon and will continue to do so until the public is completely safe.


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