Pickup lands on top of ejected Benton County driver

Pickup 1

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. – A man is seriously injured after his pickup landed on top of him following a crash in Benton County that ejected him from the drivers seat.

According to Sergeant Erickson with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, the man was driving home after an overnight shift down Webber Canyon Road near Dennis Road when he fell asleep and swerved. His pickup rolled numerous times and he was ejected before the vehicle landed on top of him.

Deputies were called to the scene around 7:47 a.m. When they found the man he was conscious, but badly injured. He told them he believed he had fallen asleep at the wheel at the time of the crash. He was taken to the hospital.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit is en route to the scene to investigate.