Sir Plows-a-Lot? Snowbegone Kenobi? Help name WSDOT’s new plow

plow WSDOT snowplow tow plow
The unnamed Tow Plow heads north on US 395/North Spokane Corridor while clearing snow. (Courtesy: WSDOT)

The Washington State Department of Transportation would like to give its new tow plow a name. So, naturally, it’s taking to the internet.

WSDOT already has “Plowie McPlow Plow.” There’s also “The Big Leplowski.” Now it’s time to name a third.

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“The public helped us name the first two and we’re confident you’ll come up with some great suggestions for the third. Post your comments here by the end of the day Friday, March 19 for consideration. Have fun, but given that this is Facebook we must remind you to please, keep it appropriate,” WSDOT posted.

“We are looking for your best name suggestions all week. You have until Friday at noon to submit, just reply below!” reads a tweet from @WSDOT_East.

WSDOT’s social media posts are linked above and embedded below so you can participate if you’d like. Check out the comments and replies, like your favorites and/or add your own. The agency plans Facebook polls next week to determine the winner.

Here is a sampling of suggestions thus far:

  • Marty McPlow
  • Plowabunga Dude
  • Mr. Plow
  • Sir Plows-a-Lot
  • Mush Mover
  • Sleet Slinger
  • Imperial Ice Destroyer
  • Rusty Business
  • The Snow Slayer
  • Snow Dragon Wagon
  • Ice Queen
  • Creedence Clear-Road Revival
  • Blade Runner
  • Orange Slushy
  • Buzz iceclear
  • Snowminator
  • Pepe Le Plow
  • Snowbegone kenobi
  • Kraken De Ice
  • Plowed Mary
  • Ice, Ice Scrapee
  • Plow that’s what I call music volume 28
  • Saltsquatch
  • Sled Zeppelin