Plumber offers prevention tips ahead of freezing weather

PASCO, Wash. – Ahead of a extreme winter weather next week, Dustin Cornelius, a Plumber with Campbell and Company said two to three minutes of planning ahead can save you a headache and costly repairs.

“It’s really important that it’s taken care of ahead of time, and you do a little bit of preventative maintenance so you’re not having to do a major restoration project from water damage,” Cornelius, who’s also the Plumbing Manager, said.

When the temperature drops in the region, Cornelius said the calls for help, pick up.

“Water inside the pipes will freeze, as water expands it doesn’t have anywhere to go so it actually bursts the piping and causes the leak,” the plumber explained.

Cornelius shared the most common situations they encounter and how you can prevent them.

“Exterior hose faucets freezing and bursting – then the first time people go to turn them on during winter or spring, you’re gonna have a flood inside your home. Plumbing lines underneath the home, copper water lines specifically freezing and bursting. An easy way to prevent that is to block off and insulate all of your crawl space and foundation vent accesses. Make sure you disconnect all of your hoses before it gets cold and leave them off until it gets warmed up outside and then also go to a local hardware store and put the foam covers over them,” he said.

Cornelius also urges homeowners to pay extra attention to outdoor faucets.

“Hose bibs specifically are mostly installed in insulated walls in the home and when those burst it causes sheet rock damage, flooring that kind of stuff so hose bibs are very important to winterize properly,” he said.

If you do have a pipe burst and can’t get a plumber out quickly, you also have these options.

“You can always call the city or fire department and they can shut water off water for you just to stop anymore damage from happening until you can get a professional out to make the repair,” he said.

Hopefully you’ve blown out your sprinklers by now as well.

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