Police: Attempted luring did not occur at Pasco Walmart

Police: Attempted luring did not occur at Pasco Walmart
Courtesy: Walmart 

PASCO, Wash. — After hours of investigation, police say there is no evidence that an attempted luring occurred at Walmart on Road 68 Pasco.

The investigation stemmed from a widely-shared Facebook post from a woman who claimed that a man tried to lure her 12-year-old daughter.

In the post, the woman claimed that she left a store in a panic after a man began following her and her daughter through the store.

The alleged incident was never reported directly to police, so they contacted the woman to gather information.

Police also reviewed surveillance footage, which showed the woman and the girl at the store, but the man who she claimed “followed” did not do so.

“Eventually, they pay and exit by pushing out the cart to their car, getting in, and driving off. There was no abandoning the cart, no dragging the child out by the arm, and no crying in the car for several minutes” as the original post stated, police wrote.

More details will be released on Tuesday.