Police: College Place teen writes about killing mother, attacking high school

Disturbing details in a journal about a plan to attack College Place High School prompts a teen’s mother to call 911.

On Sept. 17 around 2:30 p.m., a woman went through her 17-year-old son’s journal in the dining room. Inside it, the College Place High School teen said he was going to kill his mother and her boyfriend.

The woman also discovered other frightening details, including the plan to attack his school.

“There were some other books that we found that he looked like he had been reading that were concerning — about how to manufacture weapons and a book pertaining to Columbine,” said College Place Officer Dylan Schmick.

No guns were found in the home. The alleged attack was planned for April 20, 2020, the anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre.

“They were a few things that were concerning between some books and some other notebook writings that kind of matched up with the other notebook,” Schmick said. “And the ‘manifesto,’ which is what he actually termed it as in the writing.”

Schmick told KAPP-KVEW the teen allegedly said he wanted a manifesto in his bag during the planned attack.

“Whether the child was fully intent on this actually happened or not, I mean these statements we have to take with the highest level,” Schmick said. “We can’t fool around with them.”

The mention of explosives caused more concern for detectives. The mother told police about a month or two ago she found some items in his bedroom that seemed to be connected to developing an explosive, according to Schmick.

The entire department is praising the woman for having the courage to call police. The 17-year-old was arrested after he got home. He was booked into the Walla Walla Juvenile Justice Center for felony harassment and threats to bomb or injure property.

“If anything, he gets the help the deserves, and we’ll work on making that happen,” Schmick said.

College Place Police had extra patrols at the school Wednesday morning. College Place Public Schools released a statement saying in part,

“College Place Public Schools take this very seriously and will be working with the authorities to ensure the safety of all students and staff. We encourage all residents, staff and students to be aware of their surroundings and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.”

A support team for students and staff was provided.