Police: Driver in Halloween drive-by tried to frame her ex-boyfriend for the shooting

A 20-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting in Yakima on Halloween that left two people injured.

Investigators say they’ve determined that Alyssa Michele Gunderson was driving a white Nissan Altima away from the crime scene, with the shooting suspect in the passenger seat.

According to court documents, Gunderson reportedly lied to police multiple times, attempted to frame her ex-boyfriend as the shooter and said on Facebook Messenger that she knew she would be arrested and needed to get out of town.

Gunderson was booked into the Yakima County jail on suspicion of three counts of first-degree assault and drive-by shooting.

She’s also facing a misdemeanor charge for malicious prosecution for attempting to get her ex-boyfriend arrested for a crime she knew he didn’t commit.

Police say Ruben Marin, Jeremiah Ledesma-Morales, and a 26-year-old woman were walking in the alleyway near South 10th Avenue and West Walnut Street just after 4:30 p.m. when shots were fired.

The woman told police she ran when she heard the shots, but came back when she saw her two friends on the ground, according to court documents.

Marin, 18, was shot in the torso and Ledesma-Morales, 21, was shot in the hip. Both were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The victims told police they were walking in the alley when they saw a man look at them, get into a car and then shoot them. The man allegedly laughed before he fired the shots, victims told police in court documents.

Witnesses and victims all reported seeing a woman in the driver’s seat and a man in the passenger seat of the suspect car, court documents said. One witness was in the alley moving around some of his property outside when he heard shots fired.

Police say the witness pulled out his phone and recorded the car speeding away, which allowed them to get the license number. The license number for the car, police say, indicated it was Gunderson’s car.

When police first spoke to Gunderson on the phone, they say she denied knowing anything about a shooting. Then she reportedly claimed she heard the shooting while driving to work, but that she didn’t see anything and was alone in the car.

When detectives formally interviewed Gunderson, police say she continued to lie about her involvement. She said no one was in her car, then said a stranger had jumped in her car and ridden with her for several blocks before getting out.

According to court documents, when detectives asked Gunderson if her ex-boyfriend had been involved in the shooting, she initially said no, then said he was the shooter.

The day after the shooting, police arrested Gunderson’s ex-boyfriend on a misdemeanor warrant. He reportedly told investigators he was at a gas station in Sunnyside when the shooting happened, which officers confirmed using surveillance video.

The ex-boyfriend consented to a search of his work phone, where investigators say they found messages from Gunderson saying she knew she was going to be arrested and needed to leave town.

Gunderson made a preliminary appearance Wednesday in Yakima County Superior Court. She’s scheduled to appear in court again later this month.