Police face backlash for arresting man caught with Walmart shopping cart

Police face backlash for arresting man caught with Walmart shopping cart
Northeast Police Department

CROSS ROADS, Texas — A Texas police department is facing backlash for arresting a man caught pushing home his groceries with a Walmart shopping cart.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, police said the 22-year-old man had no issues paying for his merchandise at a Walmart outside Fort Worth, but he apparently had “no way to transport the items that he bought.”

The man walked out of the store with his items in the shopping cart, crossed the parking lot and started walking along the road.

“Believing that he had made a clean get-away, the male made it to Fishtrap Road pushing ‘his’ shopping cart containing his recently purchased goods,” police wrote. “That was until he was found impeding traffic and was spotted by a Northeast Police Officer.”

The officer stopped the man to question him before taking him into custody for theft of property.


A 22-year-old male from Providence Village had no issues paying for the items he purchased at the…

Posted by Northeast Police Department on Tuesday, 5 November 2019

The post about the incident has gone viral, sparking thousands of angry reactions from Facebook users.

A purported local criminal defense attorney, Suzanne Stevens, even offered to represent the suspect free-of-charge.

“If anyone knows the person that was arrested, please let them know that I will be honored to represent them for free on this shopping cart theft charge. I will also replace the groceries that were unexpectedly taken from this individual,” Stevens commented on the Facebook post.

Her comment received more than 18,000 positive emoji reactions.