Police: No evidence of abduction near Richland High so far

Police: No evidence of abduction near Richland High so far

RICHLAND, Wash. — Police said they have found no evidence that an abduction took place Thursday night near Richland High School, according to a news release.

Police said they received what sounded like a credible report of a teenage boy getting abducted by a muscular man in his 30s. While they have found no reason to doubt the credibility of the witness, they have been unable to substantiate the witness’s claims.

Police said they have been working tirelessly since they received the report.

“We can state we have received no reports of missing children since the time of the report and we have worked with the Richland School District to contact children and parents who were marked absent and/or whose absence was not excused from today’s classes,” the release said.

Early Friday morning, police learned that a backpack was found on Christ the King’s property. The contents of the backpack were scattered around the area and a boy’s ID card was found. Detectives were able to track down the boy and verify that he was not involved.

The investigation remains an active. Anyone who may have additional information is asked to call police at 509-942-7340.