Police report string of car prowls, Richland resident falls victim

RICHLAND, Wash. – Around four in the morning on Wednesday, Richland resident Troy Murray woke up to snow on the ground and heartbreak.

“He noticed there were footprints all around his passenger side of his car and it’s the one night he left his wallet in his car and when he was looking for it, it was gone,” Troy’s girlfriend said.

Murray’s girlfriend Jaden Cakebread said the car was unlocked.

They said the suspect must have just wanted cash because they ignored expensive items and went for something much more valuable.

“He had his cash, he had his CDL license, his social security card, his food benefits, everything,” Jaden said.

After the initial shock of losing his belongings wore off, Troy noticed something that led him  to believe the prowler was targeting others in his neighborhood.

“Realizing that there were footprints going up and down the side walk and they were stopped at every single car along the street. There was even a couple footprints going up to houses,” she said.

Jaden said her boyfriend is now at a standstill, unable to do his job.

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“He literally just can’t go to work because he’s legally not allowed to drive the truck without having it on him. Literally like his CDL is his biggest accomplishment for him and so to not have that he was super frustrated because he can’t do anything,” she said.

Police have reported a string of car prowls throughout the Tri-Cities in recent days including West Richland and Pasco.

The couple just hopes Troy’s social security number is left alone and they have this message for the prowler.

“It is honestly very pitiful, they work for this stuff and for you to come along and just take it from him, is wrong,” Jaden said.

As well as neighbors in the Cascade Avenue and Saint Street area.

“Like the best thing to do is honestly just take it in because none of us were expecting overnight this is just going to happen,” she said.

The Social Security Department also encourages people to keep their cards in a safe, secure place at home unless they’re taking it somewhere to fill out an application or prove residency.