Police Warn of Increase in Fraud & Scam Calls

IRS Scam Alert

The Kennewick Police Department is warning of an increase in fraud and scam calls.

The past week has seen a significant increase in the number of people reporting various frauds and scam phone calls. They all have one thing in common- the caller wants the victim to obtain “Green Dot Cards” as a form of payment for one reason or another. The most common calls reported during this time have been-

– Payment to local PUD for delinquent electric bill

– Fines for failure to show up for Jury Duty

– Internal Revenue Service for past due taxes

These calls are not legitimate and none of the real organizations will require you to make any payments using these pre-paid cards as a form of payment. Anyone receiving any type of calls demanding immediate payment using prepaid cards should be very suspect of the caller’s intentions.