Poll shows more parents fear for kids’ safety at school

A new poll shows more parents are worried about their children’s safety at school than at any time over the past 20 years, according to the Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

The 2018 PDK Poll found that 34 percent of parents feared for their children’s safety on campus. In 2013, only 12 percent reported having those same concerns.

A majority of parents also said they do not favor arming teachers, but would rather see money spent on school police officers, mental health services and campus metal detectors.

The survey found only 26 percent of parents thought arming school staff was a good idea, while 36 percent believed arming staff would actually increase the risk to students. A majority, 63 percent, opposed arming teachers, but 80 percent were in favor of more school police officers.

The Sun-Sentinel reported the poll’s authors said it was disturbing that one in three parents feared for their children’s safety on campus. They said parents with lower incomes, those who live in urban areas and those who were not white were the most fearful.

The results are part of the 50th annual PDK Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools. More than 1,000 adults were surveyed. The full results will be released Aug. 27.