Porch Pirates: How to protect your packages from theft

It’s Amazon Prime Day and the start of the holiday season, meaning online shopping and great deals. But experts are warning you’re not going to be the only one looking out for your packages after you order them.

Porch pirates are people who steal boxes and other postal items off of people’s front stoops, hence the name “porch.”

Adrian Harris, a Zillah resident, was a victim of one of the pirates last week. His security camera caught one suspect taking a large package that had just been delivered.

“They pulled up and just backed in real quick and jumped right out and grabbed it,” Harris said.

Aaron Clem, a public information officer with the Kennewick Police Department, said anything you can do to prevent boxes from being left on your porch is the best way to prevent theft.

“We recommend that you make friends with your neighbors you know there are people home at different hours of the day and we can all look out for each other,” Clem said. “Be sure to track your package so you know when it’s delivered, or arrange for it to be sent to a P.O. box or your work instead.”

Another option is to purchase a secure lock box.

“You can actually buy a locking mechanism for your porch and then supply that code to the delivery driver so that they can lock your package in that box,” Clem said.

Clem reminded the community that if they run into a porch pirate, to not confront them.

“Be a good witness and get a good description of them, their vehicle and license plate number. Then, call 911 so we can get there immediately,” Clem said.