Possible Marketplace Coming to Yakima?

Possible Marketplace Coming to Yakima?

Yakima City staff have launched an online survey, intent on gathering votes and opinions from locals in support or rejection of a possible public market.

That market would be modeled right after Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market, a vendor venue located on the waterfront.

In addition, the city would add a food business incubator and commercial kitchen, all possible ideas as part of the downtown master plan.

We spoke to some of you about the idea, and most of you think it would be a great addition to the city.

“A public market here downtown or really any part of the valley is going to do nothing but encourage growth in our local market and take advantage of the agriculture that we have here locally,” said Connie Chronister.

“It’s pretty intricate and pretty cool to see that they can have a collection of so many different types of food and art in one location,” said Levi Wyatt, “It’s pretty neat.”

You have until the first week of February to fill out the survey.