Possible Rezoning Concerns Pasco Residents

Possible Rezoning Concerns Pasco Residents

The city of Pasco will soon consider rezoning an area in east Pasco from light industrial to medium industrial.

Leanne Smith lives in the Tierra Vida neighborhood, just north of where this potential zoning change would take place.

She said the thought of it changing does not sit well with her.

“The fact that there could be high levels of noise, light, fumes, or smoke, that’s going to negatively impact our community,” said Smith. “Unless there’s some mitigating circumstances to protect us from that.”

Going from light industrial to a medium industrial zone could allow for additional businesses on the nearly 400-acre lot that may create some extra noise and smoke in the area.

The area being considered for the change is south of “A” street.

By obtaining a special permit, a business owner could possibly have a slaughter house, fat rendering, fertilizer, gas or glue manufacture and much more.

Pasco Community & Economic Development Director Rick White said this all came about when property owners of the Heritage Industrial Park applied for the change back in August.

White said the city finds this change could be beneficial because it would allow more manufacturing in the area that would benefit more tax payers because it would lessen the property tax.

Another man living in the area said that may be true but at what cost?

“Who doesn’t want money? Do you want money? Everybody wants money but it’s the way that they bring the money to us,” said Socorro Garcia. “If they’re going to make a lot of noise, it’s going to be tough.”

“We support business development for Pasco because we understand that the city needs income and we support that,” said Smith. “However, we don’t want it to come at the cost of the livability of our neighborhood.”

The city’s planning staff created a recommendation that would prohibit salvage and wrecking yards.

The planning commission will vote at a public hearing tonight on whether or not that recommendation will move on to the Pasco City Council’s desk.

That public hearing will take place at the City Council Chambers at Pasco City Hall at 7 p.m. tonight.