Potential case of coronavirus (COVID-19) under investigation in Yakima


YAKIMA, Wash. — A person whose recent travel history and symptoms consistent with COVID-19 is being tested for the virus in Yakima.
According the Yakima Health District, they were notified of the individual and decided to collect a specimen to send to the Washington State Department of Health.

The department will test for the coronavirus with results expected to come in within 3-5 days. The Yakima Health District will notify the individual and the public with the results when they are available.

The Yakima Health District says it has spent the past several weeks preparing for the possibility of Yakima County being affected by the outbreak. They will continue to work with partners to ensure the spread of COVID-19 is contained, should it appear in the community.

“At this point in time we are asking the public to continue to practice protective measures,” said Dr. Teresa Everson, Yakima Health District Health Officer.

She went on to list the measures including:

  • washing hands often with soap and warm water
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  • clean surfaces after touching
  • avoid contact with sick people
  • stay home while sick
  • avoid close contact with others
  • cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing