PPD officers, 9-1-1 caller chase coin thief across Cable Bridge to arrest

Image credit: Pasco Police, Facebook

PASCO, Wash. — Separate Tri-Cities law enforcement agencies teamed up to arrest a thief who attempted to break into a coin machine; a growing trend across Kennewick and Pasco.

According to a social media post from the Pasco Police, officers helped with a Tuesday morning report that a car wash owner was chasing a suspect who attempted to steal from his business in Kennewick.

PPD officers got involved once the chase went over the Cable Bridge into Pasco. Authorities tracked the suspect as they headed west on A Street and then north onto Road 28. At that time, police dispatchers asked the caller to stop chasing the suspect in the interest of public safety.

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This chase culminated at the top of the Sylvester Street overpass above Highway 395. The caller blocked the suspect’s silver Chevrolet Malibu with their own vehicle as officers arrived from both sides of the overpass to block the suspect in.

PPD officers brought the suspect into custody for reckless driving while Kennewick police officers spoke to the business owner. KPD officers then impounded the suspect’s car and brought him into their custody for his crimes.

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This isn’t the first time that police officers in the Tri-Cities have responded to reports of a coin box theft. PPD officers have seen an increased number of attempted break-ins to unattended coin boxes.

In most instances, these thefts have been low-level operations completed with a simple tire iron or crowbar. Others have pulled out more heavy machinery like drills, bolt cutters, and gas-powered saws to steal coins.

If you have been the victim of this type of crime or have information to contribute regarding this subject. you’re urged to contact Pasco police dispatch at (509) 28-0333 or email Detective Seltun at seltunr@pasco-wa.gov.


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