Preliminary settlement approved for Dairy Workers

Preliminary settlement approved for Dairy Workers

A Yakima County Superior Court judge has given preliminary approval to a $600,000 settlement for a group of dairy workers.

In December 2016 a class-action lawsuit was filed by 281 dairy workers against Deruyter Brothers Dairy claiming the company didn’t provide adequate meal and rest breaks, adding that workers were not paid for all time worked while milking cows in outlook and although Friday’s settlement does not cover alleged unpaid overtime it’s a settlement the dairy workers are happy with.

“The settlement provides that they will be compensated for their meal and rest breaks that they missed and also for time that they worked,” said Lori Isley attorney at Columbia Legal Services.

“It was important to do this because the short time I worked there I saw too many abuses,” said Jose Martinez, one of the workers filing the case.

Each worker will receive a proportional share based on the number of shifts worked during December 2013 to December 2016.

If the workers decide they have no objection the judge should give a final settlement approval on October 30th.