President Trump calls Gov. Inslee a ‘snake’ as he tours the CDC

ATLANTA, Georgia — President Donald Trump called Washington Governor Jay Inslee a “snake” while talking to reporters during his visit to the Centers for Disease Control on Friday.

Trump toured the CDC in Atlanta amid the coronavirus outbreak, just a day after Vice President Mike Pence visited with Inslee in Washington state.

Washington has been hit the hardest by COVID-19, with 79 confirmed cases and 14 deaths reported.

Pence and Inslee met to discuss plans to help those in Washington as the outbreak continues to spread. Pence said the CDC is prioritizing delivering kits to Washington and California for future coronavirus testing. He also said the White House is raising standards for nursing homes nationwide, since he said the vast majority of people infected are elderly and have underlying health concerns.

When speaking to Trump Friday, a reporter noted Pence was complimentary of Washington’s response to the outbreak, but also mentioned that Inslee was not complimentary of the president’s response.

“I told Mike not to be complimentary of the governor, because that governor is a snake,” Trump said. “Let me just tell you, we have a lot of problems with the governor… So, Mike may be happy with him, but I’m not.”

Last week, Inslee slammed Trump when mentioning he spoke to Pence on the phone about the state’s response to combat the coronavirus.

In a tweet, Inslee said, “I just received a call from VP Mike Pence, thanking Washington state for our efforts to combat the coronavirus. I told him our work would be more succesful if the Trump administration stuck to science and told the truth.”

He also tweeted after the President’s comments Friday.

“My single focus is and will continue to be the health and well-being of Washingtonians. It’s important for leaders to speak with one voice. I just wish the president and vice president could get on the same page. We appreciate the vice president’s visit and our teams are working well together.”

Former Chair of the Washington State Republican Party Chris Vance also chimed in on the spat, saying he and Inslee began in the state house together years ago.

“We disagree on a lot but he is ten times the human being Donald Trump is,” Vance said.

On Friday, President Trump signed into law an $8.3 billion bill to help assist in the fight against the coronavirus. The funding will go toward local and state governments’ responding, as well as developing a vaccine.