Procession route set for late Yakima Sergeant’s memorial service

Yakima PD Sergeant Joe Deccio
Sergeant Joseph Deccio - Courtesy Yakima Police Department

YAKIMA, Wash. — A route has been set in the procession of late Yakima Police Sergeant Joe Deccio’s memorial service on August 12. Sgt. Deccio, who is remembered fondly by his peers, passed away in the line of duty on August 3.

According to an update from the Yakima Police Department (YPD), Sgt. Deccio’s memorial procession will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday at 41st St in Terrace Heights. The procession will continue west on Terrace Heights Dr to Yakima Ave. It will then turn south onto 1st St to Nob Hill Blvd, it will then head east before turning left onto Fair Ave.

The final stop in the procession is the Yakima Valley SunDome at State Fair Park, where the Memorial Service is being held. That community memorial service is set to begin at 11:00 a.m. — An hour and 15 minutes after the procession is set to arrive.

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For those who cannot make it but want to celebrate the life and service of Sgt. Deccio, a livestream of the memorial service will be published on the Yakima Police Department’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Sgt. Deccio suffered a medical episode while on duty at the Richard A. Zais Law & Justice Center. He was rushed to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital , where he passed away roughly four and a half hours after the initial episode.

“Joe Deccio was a remarkable human being, exceptional police officer, a good friend and a totally dedicated family man,” YPD Chief Matt Murray remarked during a recent press conference. “This is the first officer who died while on duty in the history of the Yakima Police Department.”

The Yakima Police Patrolman’s Association created a donation account for Deccio’s wife and two sons (10 and 13). If you’re interested in contributing to that fund, click here for more information.


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